Resources Overview

A variety of research, reports, and resources regarding online and blended learning are available for members and future members. These resources are an important aspect of the ongoing work of iNACOL and its members.

Publications and Reports

iNACOL Reports and Research

Reports and publications bring into focus the latest research on online and blended learning programs, as well as promising practices from the field.

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Competency Education

Competencies are the knowledge, skills, and/or behaviors students must master in a specific content or performance area.

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National Quality Standards

Quality standards from iNACOL. Assembled in easy to use documents for evaluating the quality of online programs, online courses, and online teachers with common benchmarks to help ensure the quality and consistency of K-12 online learning.

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Promising Practices in Online and Blended Learning

This series explores some of the approaches being taken by practitioners and policymakers in response to key issues in online and blended learning in six papers released throughout 2008 and 2009.

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External Reports and Research

iNACOL promotes and encourages scientifically based research and reports that advance the field of K-12 online and blended learning.

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iNACOL Presentations

Conference and webinar presentations from Susan Patrick and the iNACOL staff — sorted, archived, and on demand.

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iNACOL Regional Committee Meetings

Regional committees present topics of interest in their respective areas. Speakers discuss a range of topics regarding online and blended learning from the local and state perspective. Presentations and recordings of past meetings are available on the iNACOL Committee wiki.

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iNACOL Webinars

Monthly webinars are provided for online and blended learning teachers and leaders, as well as special presentations on industry trends and issues facing online and blended learning throughout the U.S. and beyond. PDF versions of slides and recordings of past meetings are available within the iNACOL Members Forum. (Access to the Members Forum requires the person to be an iNACOL member and to have completed the Forum registration process.)

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Other Resources


Provides the latest competency education work and provides an opportunity to connect with a group of competency education practitioners.

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Continuity of Learning

Provides guidelines and resources for schools during probable H1N1, pandemic and natural disasters causing school closures.

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Education Domain (blog)

CEO and President of iNACOL, Susan Patrick, blogs about topics, issues, and observations related to online and blended learning.

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K-12 Online Learning Research Database

The iNACOL research committee was integral in developing this database of online learning research. The development of this database was supported through a grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC).

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How to Start an Online Learning Program

Starting an online learning program is a daunting task, which often can be overwhelming. If you have come to this web site, you probably already know this. The information and resources provided here have been compiled and organized to help you feel less so.

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Online Learning Clearinghouse

The Online Learning Clearinghouse is a comprehensive effort supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and WestEd to provide a listing of online learning laws and operating online learning programs in the United States.

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