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Student Panel: The Importance of Illuminating Student Voice in the Learning Process

January 2017. Research shows that dropout rates, student achievement, and workforce readiness will improve by integrating student voices into education. This Teacher Talk webinar features a student panel, moderated by Student Voice Director of Partnerships Merrit Jones, on embedding student voices into the learning process to empower students to reach high levels of achievement. View this archived…


Insights on Advancing Competency Education in New England

January 2017. Competency education is expanding across the country as a means to ensure all students are mastering the skills and knowledge to be successful in college, career and civic life. This webinar draws on lessons learned and insights from leaders and policymakers in New England and is intended for district leadership and policymakers seeking to introduce…


Assessments and Grading for Teachers in K-12 Competency-Based Systems

December 2016. Schools and districts are making the transition to competency-based education to create a more equitable system that gives all students the skills they need for postsecondary life. Competency-based systems of assessment provide rich, ongoing opportunities for students to develop a growth mindset. This webinar provides answers to questions such as: How do teachers design and…


Design Principles for World-Class Project-Based Learning

November 2016. How can teachers implement transformative project-based learning (PBL) experiences that empower and motivate students to achieve academic, career and personal success? View this archived webinar to learn how to integrate PBL to promote powerful, personalized learning opportunities for every student. Learn the critical design principles behind world-class PBL to capture student interest and connect learning experiences…


State Policy Opportunities for Personalized Learning Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA)

November 2016. A recent iNACOL report, Meeting The Every Student Succeeds Act’s Promise: State Policy to Support Personalized Learning, provides concrete, actionable recommendations for state policymakers to support the transformation of K-12 education to close learning gaps and address inequities in the system. View this archived webinar to explore the findings in this new report and hear state…

Author: Dale Frost, Maria Worthen

Organization: iNACOL

Type: Webinar


Reaching the Tipping Point: Insights on Advancing Competency Education in New England

October 2016. This paper explores K-12 competency-based education policy and practice across six New England states: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and Vermont. This paper explores the core concepts of competency education, detailing the limitations of the traditional system, and how competency education is designed explicitly for equity and student success. Author Chris Sturgis then dives…


Rethinking Systems of Assessments and Building Educator Capacity

October 2016. The new federal K-12 education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), presents states with historic opportunities to increase flexibility around systems of assessments and educator development systems. By taking advantage of these new flexibilities, states can transform K-12 education toward personalized, student-centered learning. What can these new systems of assessments look like under ESSA,…


Meeting The Every Student Succeeds Act’s Promise: State Policy to Support Personalized Learning

October 2016. Under the new federal K-12 education law, the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), states have a historic opportunity to transform K-12 education toward personalized, student-centered learning. This law represents a marked shift in federal control to states, presenting state and local stakeholders with important opportunities and flexibilities to redefine student success and the goals of…


Instructional Tools for Personalized Learning: Insights from a Student and Superintendent

October 2016. Personalized learning systems accelerate and deepen learning by tailoring instruction to each student’s individual needs, skills, and interests. Students have a variety of rich learning experiences that collectively will prepare them for success in the college and career of their choice. How can teachers create a classroom environment that enables student voice and choice, deeper…


A Reflection on the Field of K-12 Competency-Based Education and Emerging Issues

September 2016. States, districts and schools across the United States are realizing the shortcomings of the traditional seat-time based K-12 system and demanding more for their students. As a result, many leaders and practitioners are making the shift to competency-based education and designing new, personalized learning opportunities to better prepare students for college and 21st-century careers. As…