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Chugach Report Cover

Chugach School District: A Personalized, Performance-Based System

March 2016. This paper explores how an Alaskan school district shifted from a traditional K-12 education system to a personalized, competency-based system, embedded in the culture of the community, which led to increased student achievement. Chugach School District (CSD) first implemented competency education over twenty years ago, paving the way in developing a system founded on student…


Lessons Learned in Teacher Mentoring: Supporting Educators in K-12 Online Learning Environments

October 2012. This report provides a detailed look at how mentoring occurs in various virtual school business models. All 50 states, as well as the District of Columbia, have supplemental and/or full-time K-12 online programs, and teacher mentoring structures exist in many of these. The mentoring strategies vary based on specific school criteria. For example, if the…


Lessons Learned from Virtual Schools: Experiences and Recommendations from the Field

November 2010. No two virtual schools are alike. There is vast complexity and uniqueness in what these virtual schools do, how they do it, and the stages of growth and progress they have experienced. This report analyzes the dynamic models, progress, and pitfalls of this field’s pioneers. Obtain a copy of this book to learn more about…