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Keeping Pace with K-12 Digital Learning, 12th Edition

November 2015. This is the 12th annual Keeping Pace report. The digital learning world continues to change significantly each year, but the continued support from sponsors, educators, education agencies, state virtual schools, vendors and others has not faltered. We continue to appreciate these people and organizations and everyone who has helped along the way. The cast of […]


The iNACOL State Policy Frameworks 2015: 5 Critical Issues to Transform K-12 Education

November 2015. Over the last decade, the American education system has seen unprecedented transformation of teaching and learning as educators have grasped the power of new learning models to close achievement gaps and extend access to high-quality learning opportunities. The availability of adaptive digital tools that use data to improve student learning has exploded as technology and innovation advance. The next few years hold […]

Author: Maria Worthen, Susan Patrick

Organization: iNACOL

Type: Report

Topics: Policy

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The iNACOL Federal Policy Frameworks 2015

November 2015. Across the country, innovative educators and leaders are embracing a shift to student-centered learning and rejecting an outdated, one-size-fits-all K-12 education model. Because this shift holds the potential to close persistent learning gaps, improve equity, and dramatically improve student achievement, forty-two states have adopted policies to enable next generation learning models, waiving seat time requirements, providing credit flexibility, developing […]

Author: Maria Worthen

Organization: iNACOL

Type: Report

Topics: Policy


Using Online Learning for Credit Recovery: Getting Back on Track to Graduation

September 2015. Our country has been trying to address the graduation crisis in many ways. We are seeing the impact of the efforts to improve graduation rates over the past twenty years including agreement among states to implement a common cohort-based graduation rate, research-based efforts to improve the transition to 9th grade, increased academic and social supports, individualized instruction, effective […]

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Blending Learning: The Evolution of Online and Face-to-Face Education from 2008–2015

July 2015. In 2008, iNACOL produced a series of papers documenting promising practices identified throughout the field of K–12 online learning. Since then, we have witnessed a tremendous acceleration of transformative policy and practice driving personalized learning in the K–12 education space. State, district, school, and classroom leaders recognize that the ultimate potential for blended and online […]


Implementing Competency Education in K-12 Systems: Insights from Local Leaders

June 2015. Competency education, an educator-led reform, is taking root in schools and districts across the country. In some states, state leadership has cleared the path with policies to advance competency education, while others are transitioning with little or no supporting policy. At the same time, innovative school models are popping up all over the United States, […]


Maximizing Competency Education and Blended Learning: Insights from Experts

March 2015. In May 2014, CompetencyWorks brought together twenty-three technical assistance providers to examine their catalytic role in implementing next generation learning models, share each other’s knowledge and expertise about blended learning and competency education, and discuss next steps to move the field forward with a focus on equity and quality. Our strategy maintains that by building […]


Performance-Based Funding & Online Learning: Maximizing Resources for Student Success

March 2015. The focus of this report is on performance-based funding in online learning programs. There is a new conversation taking place in public education on creating systemic incentives through school finance to encourage schools to innovate and be rewarded for positive student outcomes and performance. What if education funding was not based on seat-time, but on […]


Laying the Foundation for Competency Education: A Policy Guide for the Next Generation Educator Workforce

October 2014. This report provides an overview of how competency-based learning can provide the skills and training necessary to develop a next generation workforce. The paper discusses the new skills that educators will need, policy shifts that will need to occur, pre-service and credentialing, professional development, and evaluation. They provide case studies, including Western Governors University Teachers […]


Access and Equity for All Learners in Blended and Online Education

October 2014. Equity in education has been a basic tenet of public education in the United States, made explicit by civil rights legislation throughout the years. Unfortunately, legislation alone does not guarantee that all students will be provided with the access and equity necessary to take full advantage of the educational opportunities all students are entitled to. […]