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Developing a Modern Teacher Workforce: Federal Policy Recommendations for Professional Learning and Supporting Future-Focused, Competency-Based Education Systems

This issue brief highlights federal policy opportunities to improve and modernize professional learning and development for educators for competency-based education systems. Three policy recommendations are identified: diversifying pathways into the teaching profession, catalyzing innovation to redesign teacher preparation, and developing meaningful systems of assessments and evaluation. The brief also articulates specific policy actions for each […]

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Lessons from South Carolina and Utah on Funding Innovation in Education

As states, districts and schools around the nation begin redesigning education systems that to better support students to thrive in the future, they are naturally operating in different landscapes to launch their work from different entry points. One issue that several states contend with is how to fund their transformation efforts. In our recent issue […]

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iNACOL and CompetencyWorks at SXSW EDU

Thousands of education innovators have descended on Austin, Texas, for the ninth annual SXSW EDU Conference and Festival to hear from the field’s foremost forward-thinking leaders shaping the future of learning. Among the numerous learning opportunities will be hearing from the CEOs of leading organizations advancing personalized learning. iNACOL President & CEO Susan Patrick will […]


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iNACOL Testifies in Minnesota to Support Competency-Based Education

The Minnesota Senate Committee on E-12 Finance and Policy held a hearing this week to consider SF 485, a bill which would specifically and explicitly recognize competency-based education models in Minnesota. iNACOL staff testified in favor of the bill, joining the bill’s sponsor, E-12 Finance and Policy Chair Senator Carla Nelson, and representatives from Education […]

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Considering Equity in Education During Black History Month

As Black History Month comes to an end, it’s appropriate to reflect on the persistent need for systemic changes to our nation’s education system to ensure equity for students, but more specifically, for black and brown learners in marginalized communities. As we come to terms with how rapidly the world is changing around us and […]