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8 thoughts on “What Is Blended Learning?

    For the effective learning instructor should have the ability to make the teaching subject in easy ways.

    This is a very interesting approach. I would like to see how this works with second grade language arts.

    For the shifting paradigms that our students are going to be growing into as technology usage becomes more of a day-to-day necessity, the ability to switch between online and physical learning is a wonderful tool for both teacher and educator to master.

    I can’t believe that I envisioned the process this summer in trying to set up new lesson plans
    with my new on-line textbooks. What I would normally assign for homework, the students will have the chance to do in class and classwork could be done at home at their own pace. It occurs to me that students who do their homework in my class usually pass the course and those who don’t have less of a chance of passing. This is a way to ensure that all have the opportunity with guidance to do the necessary homework. Wow.

    I think that blended learning is a great tool to support a personalized learning and to create a very engaged class.

    I love the idea of using technology and data driven instruction to further the students learning. I’m interested in seeing this come to life in my 2nd grade classroom.

    Blended learning will allow me to cover a great amount of information about certain genres in theatre.

    Blended learning will allow me to cover more information about genres in Theatre. I’m very excited to see what other topics it can cover in theatre.

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