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What Does it All Mean? Part 2

In a continuation from yesterday’s post, I’ll be outlining some basic definitions for the lexicon of online learning. Many of these terms can be obscure or confusing, or in some cases, the available definitions can be conflicting. So we recently worked to put together an exhaustive set of online learning terms as well as their definitions as agreed […]

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What Does it All Mean?

It’s understandable that so many online education policy enthusiasts get passionate over online learning – after all, there is much to be excited about. In online learning, we find that some of the best teachers are personalizing learning for students so they can learn any time and everywhere, using digital resources and online tools. They are extending learning […]

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A Journey of Transformation and Change

I was recently invited by the European Union to be part of an international advisory board on virtual schools. There are about as many virtual schools in the United States as there are in the rest of the world – about 250 in the U.S., and about 250 smattering the globe. In the U.S., online learning has […]