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SREB, iNACOL Announce Finalists for National Online K-12 Teacher of the Year Award

ATLANTA — Three finalists for the National Online Teacher of the Year Award for K-12 online learning were announced today by the two education nonprofit organizations that hold the competition, the Southern Regional Education Board (SREB) and the International Association for K-12 Online Learning (iNACOL). The SREB/iNACOL National Online Teacher of the Year Award recognizes […]

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The Value of Online and Blended Learning

There is a general lack of information available when it comes to determining the costs associated with online and blended learning. Yet, at a time when all state legislatures and education agencies are wrestling with funding issues, accurate cost data is essential. A new report released this week by the Thomas B. Fordham Foundation takes a closer […]

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New Year Brings New Military Classification for Online High School Graduates

Happy New Year, iNACOL colleagues and friends! As online learning continues to grow for K-12 students across the globe in 2012, a new resolution was signed into law by the President that benefits high school graduates of full-time online learning programs in the U.S. In the past, seniors graduating from full-time online high schools have faced obstacles […]

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Broadening Options with Online Algebra

Education experts have for decades encouraged more middle schools to offer high-achieving eighth graders the option to take Algebra 1, a course that has been traditionally offered in the ninth grade. The rationale for offering algebra to younger students is strong – studies show that students who take algebra earlier do better in math throughout high school and […]

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NGLC and the Third Wave of Grant Initiatives

Last year, iNACOL, in partnership with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Hewlett Foundation, Educause, League for Innovation and CCSSO, launched the Next Generation Learning Challenges (NGLC) grant initiative. Since then, the initiative — created to address the barriers to educational innovation and tap the potential of advanced learning technology to improve upon college readiness and completion in […]

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U.S. Department of Education Reports Rapid Growth in K-12 Online Learning

A report released Tuesday by the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) at the U.S. Department of Education offered up new data from the 2009-2010 public school year, revealing rapid growth in K-12 online and blended learning. Surveying over 2,300 public school districts throughout all 50 states and the District of Columbia, the NCES report found that K-12 […]

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Recognizing Education Leaders in Our Field

Every year iNACOL presents our Online Learning Innovator Awards to some of the most dedicated, inspiring and innovative leaders in our field, and last night I was honored to recognize this year’s winners at our Virtual School Symposium. As online and blended learning programs continue to expand exponentially in our nation’s primary and secondary schools, these individuals and […]

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Indianapolis and the Virtual School Symposium

This week, my iNACOL colleagues and I – along with nearly 2,000 educators, school administrators and education policy leaders – are taking to Indianapolis, Indiana, where iNACOL’s 2011 Virtual School Symposium (VSS) is set to begin tomorrow. With online learning seen as the fastest innovation in education, VSS serves as a great resource for our field to come […]

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What Does it All Mean? Part 2

In a continuation from yesterday’s post, I’ll be outlining some basic definitions for the lexicon of online learning. Many of these terms can be obscure or confusing, or in some cases, the available definitions can be conflicting. So we recently worked to put together an exhaustive set of online learning terms as well as their definitions as agreed […]

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What Does it All Mean?

It’s understandable that so many online education policy enthusiasts get passionate over online learning – after all, there is much to be excited about. In online learning, we find that some of the best teachers are personalizing learning for students so they can learn any time and everywhere, using digital resources and online tools. They are extending learning […]