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2019 State Legislative Highlights

With a goal to ensure our nation’s education system is fit for purpose and better able to prepare students for the future, iNACOL provides expertise on state policy and recognizes the importance of enabling policies to support competency-based education (CBE). Fully developed, student-centered systems require significant shifts in policy and practice. To prepare our students […]


Modernizing the Teaching Workforce for Learner-Centered, Competency-Based, Equity-Oriented Education: State Policy Recommendations

This issue brief highlights state policy opportunities to create a shared vision to modernize professional learning for educators in a K-12, competency-based education system. Educators will be prepared for a future-focused profession that better meets the 21st-century demands of student learning and workforce needs. In it, we make five recommendations to leverage the unique role […]

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What Leading Education Systems Around the Globe are Doing to Transform Learning

This is the first vlog in a series sharing highlights from keynote addresses that will focus on current events and themes in education. This video features the topic of global education.  iNACOL President and CEO, Susan Patrick, offers insight on the advancements of global education systems during her opening address at the 2016 iNACOL Symposium. […]


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The Aurora Institute publishes two flagship email newsletters with updates on the field’s work to shape policy and practice toward transformation of our education systems to achieve high-quality learning for all. Below are links to previously published issues. Use this form to sign up to receive these updates directly in your inbox.

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Invest in Educators as Learners in Competency-Based Education

This post first appeared on CompetencyWorks on December 20, 2018.  Competency-based education believes that all students, with the right supports, can learn. Similarly, advocates of competency-based education believe that all educators, with the rights supports, can learn the skills needed to help each and every student to learn. Personalized, competency-based education is rooted in the […]

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Activate Student Agency and Ownership in Competency-Based Education

This post first appeared on CompetencyWorks on November 26, 2018.  What is student agency? The standard reply in our field these days is “voice and choice.” Certainly, “voice and choice” is a pithy memorable phrase. It also has value in that creating opportunity for students to have voice and choice in their daily lives is […]

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Nurture a Culture of Learning and Inclusivity in Competency-Based Education

This post first appeared on CompetencyWorks on November 2, 2018.  We made a mistake in the first few years of CompetencyWorks. We simply underestimated the importance of culture – the underlying values, beliefs, rituals, and relationships that shape an organization or community – in making the transition to a competency-based system. Many schools and districts […]