Increase ELL Success Through Blended and Online Social Emotional Learning

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There is a massive and persistent English Language Learner (ELL) achievement gap in the United States. Traditional ELL education approaches have focused on language acquisition and content knowledge, yet ELL students have unique social emotional needs. This webinar will demonstrate how social emotional programs help to close the graduation, learning, and social gaps for ELL students.

View this archived webinar to explore research-based social emotional learning skills, such as grit and growth mindset, specifically as they relate to ELL students. Learn best practices for providing ELL students with the core social emotional skills necessary to increase test scores, completion rates and learning outcomes. This webinar was hosted by Mawi Asgedom, an Ethiopian refugee and former ELL who graduated from Harvard and has written eight books.




Mawi Asgedom


Mawi Learning

Date Published

April 2016




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