Recipe for Success: Blended Learning School Models

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In this Webinar, the presenters examine some of the emerging “recipes” for blended learning, the ingredients for success, and early results. The webinar is organized in the following sections:

  • Blended learning models: lab rotation, classroom rotation, and flex.
  • Considerations for creating your own blended learning model: school facility, technology resources, staff and student needs.
  • Case study – Alliance College-Ready Public Schools: personalization, college readiness, teacher feedback, student results.


By integrating the best of what teachers can do with the best of what technology has to offer, blended learning holds great potential for transforming the way we structure classrooms and schools. View this webinar to ensure you get the blend just right, so it reflects the needs and priorities of your school, staff, and students.



Anthony Kim, Michael Thompson



Date Published

March 2012




Blended Learning Promising Practices