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Blending Learning: The Evolution of Online and Face-to-Face Education from 2008–2015

July 2015. This report explores the development of blended learning from 2008-2015, the evolution of definitions across blended learning models and effective blended instructional strategies grounded in case studies. The paper depicts how schools are implementing blended learning, increasing student engagement and academic success, and using digital content and curricula for data-driven instructional models while empowering youth.…

What’s the Latest About Blended Learning?

May 2013. Listen to Michael Horn discuss the latest updates about blended learning, as well as the current and future research being performed by the Innosight Institute, now known as the Clayton Christiansen Institute. This webinar specifically discusses the working definition of blended learning, the models that have evolved, and this new report. The Innosight Institute has…

Author: Michael Horn

Organization: Innosight Institute