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2017 iNACOL Annual Membership Meeting

October 2017. View this archived webinar for an overview of iNACOL’s current and future work, strategic plan, initiatives as well as reflections on the field. The iNACOL team will provide updates on federal and state policy, share developments from CompetencyWorks, highlight recent research and publications, and discuss highlights related to the upcoming iNACOL Symposium. Instead of hosting…

A Primer on Submitting Your Proposal to Present at the iNACOL Symposium 2017

March 2017. Are you interested in submitting a proposal to present at the iNACOL Symposium 2017? In this archived webinar, iNACOL shares key points to guide you through the Request for Proposals (RFP) process. Learn tips on submitting your proposal, understand the process and timeline for proposal selection, and discover ways to design interactive sessions that generate…

Author: Bruce Friend, Natalie Abel

Organization: iNACOL

Type: Webinar

Topics: Symposium 2017

The potential of personalized learning for communities

What’s Possible with Personalized Learning? An Overview of Personalized Learning for Schools, Families & Communities

February 2017. This paper is designed to inform schools, families and communities about the potential of personalized learning. This report describes why personalized learning matters and shows what personalized learning looks like in schools for teachers and for students.   Through case studies, this paper illustrates what personalized learning looks like in practice, provides examples of teachers…

A Roadmap for Implementation of Blended Learning at the School Level: A Case Study of the iLearnNYC Lab Schools

October 2013. This roadmap was designed to provide guidance to NYCDOE school administrators in implementing blended learning programs in their own schools. Over the 2012-13 school year, iNACOL worked with 8 NYCDOE Lab Schools, each with its own blended learning model, to create this roadmap to improve blended learning implementation. This roadmap has the following goals: Provide…