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Exploring Key Questions about Leadership in Student-Centered Learning Environments

September 2017. Across the world, educators are transforming their schools to create more student-centered, equitable environments. Effective leadership is critical to the success and sustainability of this transformation. To better understand the impact of school leadership and how the role is changing in these student-centered learning environments, iNACOL conducted a discovery process including an extensive literature review, interviews with…

CompetencyWorks: Re-Engineering for Competency Education: Information Technology Design Consideration

April 2013. Join Liz Glowa, the author of Re-Engineering for Competency Education: Information Technology Design Considerations  for a discussion on how we can re-engineer data systems from teacher-centric, course-based instructional models to student-centered, competency-based learning models. Glowa provides an overview of her findings with time for participants to ask questions and share their insights. View this webinar…

Re-Engineering Information Technology: Design Considerations for Competency Education

February 2013. This report analyzes the components of effective competency-based information systems. Based on interviews and research, the ideas portrayed reflect lessons learned, best practices, and emerging opportunities. Read this paper to find role-specific strategies to make informed decisions, support new competency-based learning models, and to catalyze change in education.

Competency Works: Re-Engineering for Competency Education: Information Technology Design Considerations

February 2013. This Competency Works Webinar is #5 in a Series of 6. Competency-based learning is fundamental to design of new learning models that are student-centered and personalized. While competency-based learning has been an important concept for student-centered learning for decades, not until now did the capability for intelligent information systems — content management systems, learning management…