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Meeting Students Where They Are

June 2017. This paper, written by a team from reDesign, provides school and district leaders with an in-depth exploration of the relational, pedagogical, and structural dimensions of meeting students where they are in personalized, competency-based systems of education. It is organized around three driving questions: 1. How do we know where students are? 2. What do we…

CompetencyWorks: Creating a Transparent Master and Assessment System: Creating Systems of Assessments

February 2013. This CompetencyWorks webinar describes how competency-based schools develop dynamic systems of assessments. During the webinar, you will learn about specific schools that have developed proficiency-based learning models and associated assessment tools. View this webinar to learn how to design performance tasks, as well as the implications for school capacity building.

Making Mastery Work: A Close-Up View of Competency Education

November 2012. Authors of this work highlight 10 schools participating in the Proficiency-Based Pathways Project (PBP), in order to understand mastery-based approaches on a deeper level. Participating schools are located in rural, suburban, and inner-city regions of New England. The report examines the following issues based on the collective experiences of the schools: The creation of a…