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State Policy & K-12 Competency-Based Education

August 2017. This iNACOL Issue Brief provides an overview of competency-based education, and provides state policy recommendations and resources for policymakers who are ready to enable and support competency education. Competency-based education is a next generation learning model that focuses on all students achieving mastery, preparing them for success in college, careers and civic life. State leaders…

Promising State Policies to Advance Personalized Learning

September 2016. iNACOL published the report Promising State Policies for Personalized Learning to highlight specific state examples of promising policies to support and scale personalized, competency-based learning to close equity and achievement gaps. This executive summary outlines the policies in that report. What Is the Promise of Personalized Learning? Personalized learning can: Dramatically increase equity in education; Facilitate data-rich, powerful…

Innovation Zones: Creating Policy Flexibility for Personalized Learning

March 2016. This policy issue brief describes what innovation zones are, why they are important and examples of legislative language from various states. Innovation zones or districts of innovation help state policy leaders identify outdated policies and regulations that may get in the way of educators designing innovative learning models. They create space for districts and schools to…

Course Access: Providing Equitable Access to High-Quality Learning Opportunities

November 2015. Course Access provides public school students with expanded course offerings across learning environments from diverse, accountable providers. It is a statewide program through which students can gain equitable access to a variety of courses in a programmatic effort to increase access, quality and equity in public education. School counselors work with students to identify courses that are academically appropriate…

Fast Facts about Online Learning

October 2013. Explore the latest data concerning online and blended learning, enrollment, access, courses, and key policies indicators. Review online learning statistics, trends, policy issues, and iNACOL strategic priorities. Obtain a snapshot view of state funding models for both full-time and supplemental online learning programs. Examine this resource now to stay connected with the most recent facts…

Statement of Principles for Model Legislation in States

July 2012. Globally, the highest performing nations have competency-based education systems – not systems based on seat time. iNACOL believes in student-centered learning and makes policy recommendations based on doing what is right for kids to have greater access to a world-class education. Authors of this report encourage legislators to adopt the following principles into their education…

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K-12 Online Learning: A Smart Investment NOW More than Ever

June 2011. In times of great economic challenge, citizens look to policymakers for solutions that lay the foundation for a brighter tomorrow. In K-12 education, one of the most promising and cost-effective solutions is quality online learning. Many states have made an important initial investment in online learning. Since every dollar spent this year must count even…

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What Can Congress and the Federal Government Do to Promote Quality Online Learning Opportunity for All Students?

August 2009. This infographic portrays how Congress and the federal government can take actionable steps to promote quality online learning opportunities. By explaining specific policy approaches, and how to achieve each approach, iNACOL informs policymakers and constituents of potential ways to expand online learning opportunities. View this infographic for direct federal government actions that can improve access…

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Sorting Through Online Learning Options: A Guide for Parents

January 2009. To assist parents in choosing the right online program for their student, we offer this list of questions parents should use as a guide. It is estimated that there are over one million K-12 enrollments in online courses across the country. The number of online courses and providers continues to grow at a steady rate each year (a staggering 30% annually),…

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