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Maximizing Competency Education and Blended Learning: Insights from Experts

March 2015. This report includes information on implementing blended, competency-based education. It discusses the implications of personalized learning as a main pillar of school design, structured around ensuring equity and quality. To assist school and district leaders in their efforts, the report emphasizes five fundamental conditions that are required to shift to personalized learning models: Leadership: Updating the…

Performance-Based Funding & Online Learning: Maximizing Resources for Student Success

March 2015. The report is focused on performance-based funding and the costs in online learning programs. This study examines the variety of funding models for K-12 online learning, explores adequacy costs, and outlines the guiding principles of performance-based funding to reward outcomes. As state policy makers consider performance-based funding options in education, this report provides recommendations and literature to…

Course Access: Equitable Opportunities for College and Career Ready Students

October 2014. Imagine a high school student who does not have the opportunity to take all of the courses she needs to get into college. Today, for far too many young people, this is a sobering reality. Public schools around the country may lack the resources, staff, or demand to offer a full catalog of courses. According…

Author: Maria Worthen, Susan Patrick

Organization: iNACOL

Laying the Foundation for Competency Education: A Policy Guide for the Next Generation Educator Workforce

October 2014. This report provides an overview of how competency-based learning can provide the skills and training necessary to develop a next generation workforce. The paper discusses the new skills that educators will need, policy shifts that will need to occur, pre-service and credentialing, professional development, and evaluation. They provide case studies, including Western Governors University Teachers…

Access and Equity for All Learners in Blended and Online Education

October 2014. Equity in education has been a basic tenet of public education in the United States, made explicit by civil rights legislation throughout the years. Unfortunately, legislation alone does not guarantee that all students will be provided with the access and equity necessary to take full advantage of the educational opportunities all students are entitled to.…

An International Study in Competency Education: Postcards from Abroad

October 2014. An International Study in Competency Education: Postcards from Abroad seeks to highlight components of competency education in international practice, to inform US policymakers and decision makers seeking to implement high-quality competency pathways at the state or local level. Other countries are studying our innovations, and we are studying theirs. This report first reviews the definition…

The iNACOL State Policy Frameworks: 5 Critical Issues to Transform K-12 Education

October 2014. Over the last decade, the American education system has seen unprecedented transformation of teaching and learning as educators have grasped the power of new learning models to close achievement gaps and extend access to high-quality learning opportunities. The next few years hold great potential to continue the incredible progress we have achieved—with new learning models…

Author: Maria Worthen, Susan Patrick

Organization: iNACOL

Type: Report

Topics: Policy

iNACOL Blended Learning Teacher Competency Framework

October 2014. This report includes the key competencies and effective practices of teachers in successful blended learning environments? This research identifies 12 key competencies, organized into 4 larger domains: mindsets, qualities, adaptive skills, and technical skills. This tool is helpful for educators to understand their evolving role in blended learning environments, and it offers insights into the knowledge, skills…

Aligning K-12 State Policy with Competency Education

September 2014. This CompetencyWorks brief provides an introduction to competency education with a snapshot of states’ policies regarding competency education. The report notes how states are advancing competency-based learning, and it describes eight ways that states can upgrade their policies.

Aligning K-12 Federal Policy with Competency Education

September 2014. This CompetencyWorks brief provides an introduction to competency education and insight into how federal policy can remove barriers and catalyze competency education. The report provides a snapshot of competency-based state policy throughout the U.S., and it explains what individual states are doing to advance competency education.