2015 Symposium Highlights

View highlights or revisit discussions from iNACOL’s 2015 Blended and Online Symposium held in Orlando, Florida. Revisit keynote presentations below and discover resources you may have missed. We had record-breaking attendance again this year with over 3,100 attendees.

Featured Sessions

Monday Welcome and Opening Keynote
Susan Patrick, President and CEO, iNACOL

Around the world, leaders are designing new, personalized learning models and expanding opportunities powered by online and blended learning to drive the transformation of education. iNACOL welcomes attendees to the 2015 Symposium–our 10th–where we hope you engage in thought-provoking discussions unleashing ideas for powerful new learning models and discover how to implement advanced technologies for dramatically improving outcomes–for each and every student. The conference opening and welcome highlighted emerging shifts and escalating change across the global context, recognized nimble shifts in the local context, and identified trends driving the future of education. We want to empower practitioners and policymakers alike. We welcome you, the innovators who are sharing and building upon each other’s frameworks; engaging in networks of experts to generate the best knowledge; and building capacity in the field to organize, plan, and implement a student-learning system around vastly improved outcomes for preparing globally competitive students and citizens for the future.

Cultivating Student Ownership through Growth Mindset to Develop World-Class Learners
Eduardo Briceño, Co-Founder and CEO of Mindset Works

Research shows that developing a growth mindset, which is the understanding that you can develop your abilities, drives motivation, growth and performance. Growth mindset can stimulate transformation in education around student-centered learning, raising educational outcomes while equipping students to pursue ongoing growth throughout life.

Eduardo explored harnessing this research as a catalyst for change in today’s classrooms to facilitate high-quality personalized learning opportunities for all students. By harboring the power of growth mindset, all students can develop the ability to master learning. In this keynote presentation, Eduardo demonstrated how growth mindset ties to active learning, deeper learning, and empowering students to take ownership of their learning experience—preparing all students to succeed in school and beyond.

2015 iNACOL Innovator Awards
Student Plenary Panel: The Power of Student Voices

iNACOL is proud to present the broadest panel yet of students experiencing the leading edge of personalized learning. This unfiltered, honest discussion will inspire change, inform educator practices, and invigorate the groundswell of support for transformative new learning models.

Explore this inspirational student panel—our conversation with students on reinventing the future of education. Questions from the audience were encouraged via Twitter using #inacol15.

The Future of Personalized Learning: Reinventing Education
Tom Stritikus, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation; Dallas Dance, Baltimore County Public Schools; Buddy Berry, Eminence Independent School District

New learning models offer solutions for transforming education around student-centered and highly personalized learning. This presentation featured three powerful education leaders providing TED-talk style presentations including: Eminence Superintendent Buddy Berry, Baltimore County Superintendent Dallas Dance, and Gates Foundation Deputy Director of College Ready Tom Stritikus. The session highlighted future directions in personalized learning. The keynote session explored how practitioners and educators are redefining how instruction is delivered in the classroom using blended and online learning, creating new instructional designs to build mastery and personalized learning experiences. By design and grounded in science, powerful personalized learning models can provide increased equity, excellence, and access to a world-class education for all students.

Education Reimagined: A Transformational Vision with Learners at the Center
Gisèle Huff, Jaquelin Hume Foundation; Becky Pringle, National Education Association; Kelly Young, Convergence Center for Policy Resolution

What does extraordinary learning look like when we put aside our current assumptions of what, where, when, and how learning should occur? And what systems would be necessary to support this new type of learning? These are the questions that an unusually diverse group of leaders came together to explore. After an 18-month dialogue, these stakeholders emerged united behind a shared transformational vision for learner-centered education in the U.S. and committed to making it a reality.

Join two of those Education Reimagined vision creators, who came into the process at opposite ends of the current debates and left the process in partnership, for a discussion moderated by the convener of the project. Explore a learner-centric paradigm for education that sees all children as wondrous, curious, capable human beings and designs a system around the learner unconstrained by the current industrial-model of education. Hear about their experiences during the 18-month dialogue, how they arrived at their new vision, and how many education pioneers are already working to make the vision a reality. Discover how this group’s vision and the path they took to get there can inspire, inform and propel your work to design learning experiences and systems that have each and every child thrive and realize their full potential.

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