Student Showcases

TNTP Student Gallery
What Can 4,000 Students Teach Us about School?
An Interactive Look at TNTP’s Next National Report What would students tell us about how they experience school if we were to ask them? For TNTP’s sixth national report, we asked 4,000 students to invite us into their classrooms. After spending a year in schools around the country, we observed 1,000+ hours of instruction, reviewed 5,500+ assignments and collected 28,000 in-the-moment student surveys. This data provided us with a unique opportunity to understand what goals students were setting for themselves, what kind of lives they wanted to lead, and how school was preparing them to live those lives—or letting them down. Come experience the report in this interactive session that will showcase how students are experiencing school and what we can do to improve their daily learning experiences.

ALP Student Voices Gallery
Assessment for learning is about helping classrooms, schools and systems become more student-centered. Educators are using assessment as a tool, at least in part, to listen more closely to what students are saying about their learning and about themselves. At the Assessment for Learning Project (ALP), this work inspires and challenges us to do the same. If we are to fuel an assessment for learning movement that is truly transformative, student voice must be at the core of it. We invite you to explore the ALP Student Voices Gallery, using your smartphone and headphones, to listen and learn how 50 students from across the country are experiencing assessment for learning and how those assessment practices are impacting their learning, agency and sense of belonging.