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Diamond Sponsors

Edmentum - Showcase #1

Edmentum is committed to making it easier for educators to individualize learning for every student through simple technology, high-quality content, actionable data, and customer success. Founded in innovation, Edmentum’s powerful learning solutions blend technology with individual teaching approaches. We are dedicated to being educators’ most trusted partner in creating successful student outcomes everywhere learning occurs.

Schoology - Showcase #3

Schoology is the leader in K-12 teaching and learning technology. The Schoology Learning Management System (LMS) and Assessment Management Platform (AMP) have been adopted by more than 1,800 K-12 schools and districts. Schoology’s products and services are designed to support districts’ desires to improve student performance and outcomes while enabling equity and access for every student. To learn more about how Schoology can impact your school or district, please visit www.schoology.com.

Squirrel AI Learning - Showcase #17

Yixue Squirrel AI Learning is the leading AI-powered adaptive learning service provider for K-12 students in China. Headquartered in Shanghai, China, Squirrel AI Learning offers the high-quality and personalized after-school tutoring programs in school subjects such as Chinese, Math, English, Physics and Chemistry. Four years since its establishment, Squirrel AI Learning has rapidly expanded and built over 1,300 learning centers across 200 Chinese cities and helped more than 1 million students excel in learning via its adaptive learning services.

NewSchools Venture Fund

NewSchools Venture Fund is a national nonprofit committed to reimagining public education through powerful ideas and passionate entrepreneurs so that all children, especially those in underserved communities, have the opportunity to succeed. Through our investing, management assistance, network building, and thought leadership, NewSchools propels the success of education entrepreneurs who have a vision for creating great results for all students.

Fuel Education - Showcase #20

Fuel Education partners with school districts to deliver personalized learning and empower teachers through innovative pre-K through 12th grade online learning solutions. FuelEd serves 2000+ districts with its comprehensive catalog of digital curriculum, certified instruction, professional development, plus the PEAK™ Personalized Learning Platform, which enables teachers to customize courses. Visit fueleducation.com.

Walton Family Foundation

About the Walton Family Foundation
The Walton Family Foundation is, at its core, a family-led foundation. The children and grandchildren of our founders, Sam and Helen Walton, lead the foundation and create access to opportunity for people and communities. We work in three areas: improving K-12 education, protecting rivers and oceans and the communities they support, and investing in our home region of Northwest Arkansas and the Arkansas-Mississippi Delta. In 2017, the foundation awarded more than $535 million in grants in support of these initiatives. To learn more, visit waltonfamilyfoundation.org and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.


XQ is a growing and passionate network of educators, students, families, and civic-minded citizens reimagining high school education in the United States. Our mission is to fuel America’s collective creativity to transform high school so every student succeeds — no matter their race, gender, or zip code. We want to see that change underway in every high school in every community, in all 14,000+ school districts.

Emerald Sponsors

Agilix Buzz - Showcase #19

For more than 15 years, we have worked behind the scenes to power online learning solutions for some of the world’s largest and most innovative education businesses, collectively serving millions of students in more than 1,000 districts. Our learning platform, Buzz, supports various learning models to help learners of all ages master skills and content. Visit our booth for exciting news about our new mobile-first, video-centric, socially-engaging PD product! Agilix.com

Apex Learning - Showcase #7

Apex Learning is the leading provider of blended and virtual learning solutions to the nation’s schools. Our digital curriculum provides an active learning experience that engages all students in rigorous coursework to prepare them for college and work. The standards-based digital curriculum in math, science, English, social studies, world languages, and electives is widely used for original credit, credit recovery, remediation, intervention, acceleration, and exam preparation.

ASU Prep Digital - Showcase #5

ASU Prep Digital combines online high school and university courses, giving students the opportunity to earn college credit along with their high school diploma. This international online school offers college-prep curriculum, passionate online teachers, university professors and personal success coaches. ASU Prep Digital partners with U.S. and international schools to offer single course enrollments and full-time, diploma-granting programs. For more info, visit asuprepdigital.asu.edu.

Canvas - Showcase #9

As the most usable, customizable, adaptable, and reliable learning platform (think 99.9% uptime), Canvas is adopted faster and deeper (or, is used in more ways by more users) than any other LMS. See how Canvas makes teaching and learning easier for everyone at www.CanvasLMS.com

Clever - Showcase #11

Clever is the single platform for all digital learning programs. Clever gives students and teachers secure single sign on for all resources in a personalized portal, and automatic setup and updates keep it all in sync. With Clever Goals, educators set individual goals for each student, follow progress, and celebrate successes in application usage. Partnering with leading educational applications, Clever powers learning in more than half of K-12 schools in the U.S. Get started at clever.com.

D2L - Showcase #12

D2L’s Brightspace is a K-12 learning management system (LMS) that helps you reach every learner. Over 500,000 users have used Brightspace this year for online learning experiences in eLearning courses and blended learning. Brightspace K-12 solutions were designed to help teachers provide the best learning experience to every child, whether completely online or in a blended classroom. Hear why more schools like yours are choosing Brightspace. | D2L.com

Dreambox Learning - Showcase #13

DreamBox Learning, founded in 2006, is the only K-8 digital math program powered by students, built by and for educators, and independently proven to positively impact student achievement. DreamBox dynamically adapts and differentiates in real time based on how students solve problems. Along with actionable reporting and differentiation tools for all learners, DreamBox gives teachers content-specific PD and provides administrators insights about how all students are progressing. www.dreambox.com

Edgenuity - Showcase #16

Edgenuity provides online and blended learning solutions for students in grades K-12 including core and credit recovery courses, intervention and test readiness programs, virtual instruction, and professional development. Our solutions propel student success, empower teachers to deliver effective instruction, and enable schools to meet their academic goals. Learn more at Edgenuity.com.

eDynamic Learning - Showcase #10

Our focus at eDynamic Learning is to publish high-quality, easy-to-implement courseware in career pathways, programs of study, and electives that offer the most opportunities for students’ future success. All courses can be delivered in a blended or online learning environment, are accessible, can be used on any device and are inclusive for all types of learners. Our goal is to offer life-shaping opportunities for students to be able to leave high school better prepared for their future careers.

FEV Tutor - Showcase #4

FEV Tutor partners with K-12 schools and districts to provide students 1:1 Online Tutoring Solutions. Students have 24/7 access to a professional tutor for homework help and course support. In FEV Tutor’s intervention-based tutoring model, we analyze existing student data to create a targeted tutoring plan to meet individual needs. Tutoring programs are planned with our school/district partners so that instruction connects to the core learning environment and other goals and initiatives.

FLVS - Showcase #18

FLVS provides student-centric solutions to help blend digital learning into classrooms. Aligned to national standards, we offer rigorous and flexible digital curriculum, a turnkey virtual school, and professional development for teachers and administrators.

Genius SIS - Showcase #2

Genius SIS is the leading provider of Student Information System solutions for blended and online learning. Genius SIS is integrated with more than 25 LMS, providing intuitive dashboards, dynamic reports, powerful communication tools, comprehensive registration functionality and is fully customizable to meet the needs of each client. Come see why Genius SIS is being used by so many districts, states and virtual schools.

Hapara - Showcase #14

Hapara’s instructional management suite enables educators using G Suite for Education to create visible, differentiated and focused learning experiences. Hapara tools help teachers see the most recent student efforts across all G Suite applications, support collaborative assignments and projects, encourage real time engagement, and highlight student browsing activity. With Hapara, educators can be present with learners working in the cloud.


Pearson Online & Blended Learning helps school leaders provide K–12 online academic solutions for their communities by offering a range of programs that can be customized to fit individual students’ needs as well as limited school resources. By combining a proven curriculum, the latest instructional tools, and certified teachers skilled in online instruction within a vibrant online classroom, Pearson helps educators find the online academic solutions they are looking for.

Pointful Education - Showcase #15

Pointful Education publishes online high school curriculum on emerging technologies and future-focused careers. Through our elective courses, we expose students to innovative topics, preparing them for careers that may not exist today. Students will gain an understanding of new technologies, their applications, and potential impact on society. Our courses also feature content on career pathways to give students direction to pursue their passions. To learn more, visit www.pointfuleducation.com.

Zia Learning - Showcase #8

Zia Learning prepares teachers and students for digital and personalized learning through our innovative professional development, curriculum design and student support programs.  As districts and schools consider personalized and blended learning models, we serve as consultants and architects to examine how digital tools and curriculum will fit within or change their current teaching methods, classroom design, curriculum and overall school & district. Zia Learning and the 21st Century Framework Team has more than fifteen years of experience in building classroom-based, personalized learning and digital learning environments.

Topaz Sponsors


EVOLVE (Evaluation of Online Learning and Virtual Efficacy) is a diagnostic tool that supports the healthy evolution of virtual schools and blended learning programs. EVOLVE utilizes a tiered-evaluation process to support continuous improvement within any virtual learning environment, providing critical feedback in the areas of academics, operational systems, personalization of student learning and the governance of virtual learning platforms.


KnowledgeWorks is dedicated to advancing personalized learning that empowers every child to take ownership of their success. With 20 years of experience exploring the future of learning and partnering with schools, state and federal policymakers, our passionate team works together to provide customized professional development, in-depth research and federal education policy guidance and state-level ESSA implementation support.

itslearning, inc.

its learning builds the world’s most connected learning platform for education, one that improves outcomes for students because it links teaching activities to learning goals. One login connects them to all the content and tools they need, and, it increases engagement of everyone because it connects parents, teachers, and students with each other. We dwell in Boston, MA and Bergen, Norway, but for 18 years we’ve lived at the heart of education.

Imagine Learning

Imagine Learning delivers award-winning language, literacy, and mathematics solutions for pre-K to high school students, revolutionizing the way kids learn. Students and teachers love Imagine Learning programs because they are research-based, effective, and incredibly fun to use. After more than a decade of growth and continuous improved student outcomes, Imagine Learning has established itself as a leader in the digital education arena. To learn more about how Imagine Learning helps open doors of opportunity for kids, visit imaginelearning.com.