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9 thoughts on “What is Personalized Learning?

    Personalized learning is the tailoring of pedagogy, curriculum and learning environments by learners or for learners in order to meet their different learning needs and aspirations. Typically technology is used to facilitate personalized learning environments.

    I enjoyed reading this piece – It seems to resonate deeply with the “10 Expectations” described by Elliot Washor and Charlie Mojkowski in “Leaving to Learn”… I’m intrigued to hear what you think about this 3-min video? -

    (and there’s additional information and resources here –

    This blog entry was extremely informative. I am hoping to implement more personalized learning in my classroom next year and beyond, and I am preparing to do so now. I have found many different definitions to personalized learning, but I think the definition you provide really sums up the main ideas most other definitions are trying to get across. I agree with your comment on how personalized learning builds student agency and enables students to feel more in control of their learning. This structure appeals to me because I want to transition from the main event in the classroom to more of a coach or mentor who helps students along the way as necessary.
    One way I have learned to start personalized learning is to use a social bookmarking tool, such as Diigo (found at By using this tool, teachers can curate a list of pre-vetted websites, articles, videos, and more for students to access at their own pace, anywhere they have Internet access. This site allows teachers to create lists of a variety of material, suiting their instructional needs. Students can pick and choose from the sources on the Diigo page to augment their own learning, according to what format is interesting to them. Eventually, students will be able to create their own Diigo pages that prove they are masters of a certain content. They can use their personal Diigo lists to teach their peers on a content area or to show mastery to their teachers, families, and peers.
    To learn more about social bookmarking and how to do it, view the following webinar from RETA Webinars:
    Bemis-Shurtz, H. (2008). Social Bookmarking. RETA. Retrieved from

    In the diverse and ever-changing world of educational technology, the term “personalized learning” seems to be everywhere, though there is not yet a shared understanding of what it means.

    My school system is moving into Personalized Learning and I’m reading all I can to get ready. Over the summer, as I plan units of study for Reading and for Writing Workshops, I’m also planning flipped lessons for differentiation, for review and reinforcement of strategies, and perhaps better yet, flipped lessons for kids who are ready to move ahead and beyond the grade level curriculum. Personalized Learning has intrigued me, inspired me, and I cannot wait for my 33rd year of teaching and learning!

      Congratulations! Now that almost a year has passed, I would be interested to hear how the adoption of personalized learning enhanced the learning experience for your students.

    As a student at Arizona State who is interested in Educational Technology I think that technology will go a long way to foster the capability of building personal learning for students. As online education is changing the landscape of what we consider to be an education environment. MOOCs and electronic tutors are just two areas that I think will help to expand the area of personal learning.

    The idea of personalized learning addresses the biggest problem that teachers face – how to reach all students. I am excited, even after 27 years of teaching, to begin implementing these strategies. I feel that I can still do what I do best – teach – but in a much more effective and efficient way.

    Personalized learning is an absolute necessity in schools. There were some key parts that stood out to me in this article.
    First, all learning should be student centered. We need to meet unique needs. Every child is different, has a jagged profile, that we can cater to.
    Next, we give the students ownership by providing personalized learning. Students should have a voice and choice.
    Ultimately, when we provide personalized learning, it leads to achievement and success!

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